Application Development and Management

"Offshore Outsourcing is the buzzword"

Custom Application Development & Maintenance

Our Application Development service offerings include:
Business Intelligence Solutions
e-Business solutions
Custom application development
CRM Solutions
Application Management Outsourcing
Companies around the world are outsourcing the management of their technology and business applications to Alliancef for many compelling reasons. Our application management services enable customers in verticals as diverse as medical, retail, and government to:
Our services include:
Continuous Maintenance and Enhancement
The business landscape is changing rapidly and so is the technology that drives enterprises. Your applications must quickly evolve to keep pace with changing business needs as well as shifts in technology. In addition, as your business grows, the demands on existing applications will increase, and you must ensure that they are stable and available when your customers need them.

Alliancef's application maintenance and enhancement solutions include:

All of these are tied to mutually agreed upon SLAs.

Alliancef is a flexible organization and can tailor the engagement model to suit a customer's specific needs. Our offshore transition methodologies speed up knowledge transfer and ensure that you can reap the benefits of sending your applications offshore as soon as possible.

Collaborative Application Management
Collaborative Application Management (CAM) is a unique approach to application management outsourcing. Through CAM, Alliancef helps its global partners not only achieve immediate cost savings and business benefits, but also build new organizational capabilities over the long term.

This collaborative model delivers four tangible benefits:


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